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An unusually high-water bill is most often caused by a leak or change in water usage.

Some common causes of high-water bills include:

  • A leaking toilet or a toilet that continues to run after being flushed.
  • A dripping tap.
  • Filling up or running pool pipelines
  • Watering newly installed gardens or lawn areas
  • Additional guests or residents at the property
  • Water cooled air conditioners.
  • Leaking hot water units
  • Hidden irrigation leaks
  • Water softener issues

Check for Leaks

A simple check you can do to see if you have a leak:

  • Read the water meter and record the number.
  • Do not use any water for an hour or two – including flushing the toilet!
  • Reading the meter again and see if there has been any change in numbers.

If the reading has changed, you may have a leak somewhere on your property.

If a leak is in your pipe work, that Priority Plumbing locates and repairs on your behalf, you may be eligible for a once-off allowance equal to 50 per cent of the water lost (capped at 600 kilolitres) if certain conditions are met. To find out more about the leakage allowance please refer to the SA Water website located HERE.