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At Priority Plumbing our expertise has developed from our extensive history of locating and tracing lines and detecting and locating pipework in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.  We have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to locate, trace and detect all water service pipework, metallic pipes, and sewer and stormwater pipes.

Pipe location works go hand-in-hand with our leak detection works, therefore we have all the cutting edge equipment and most up to date methods to locate pipework.

Our Metallic Pipe location equipment is a very effective and accurate way of tracing any Copper/Steel/Metallic pipes. This pipe location equipment is highly sensitive and can be adjusted to suit several applications. The pipe location equipment can trace long distances of metallic pipes and is accurate to within centimetres. This equipment can also give the depth of the pipework that is being investigated.

PVC Pressure/Plastic and Poly pipe location identification is challenging and difficult to locate, and often general pipe locator technicians can not locate this. At Priority Plumbing, as we are licensed plumbers we can use a number of methods that general service location contractors cannot use as we can physically cut and access the pipework for location works.

PVC pressure/plastic and poly pipework is located using a number of methods using our pulse wave generation equipment in conjunction with a ground microphone. This is done by putting a pulse through the pipework and tracing the pulse through the ground with the highly sensitive ground microphone.

We also have pipe tracer cables we feed through the pipework to detect and trace pipework, along with micro-inspection cameras to send up small diameter pipework to trace and identify tees/bends and connections.

We have several methods to locate Sewer and Stormwater pipes. We have specialised sonde location equipment wherein we send a sonde/probe on a feed reel into the pipework. This is then tracked to provide an accurate location underground of where the sonde in the pipework is located. From this, we can give distance and depth measurements prior to excavation, ensuring that our clients have as much information as possible to undertake the work.

Our CCTV cameras have inbuilt sondes in the camera heads. This is particularly valuable when investigating a Sewer/Stormwater drain. With CCTV cameras the issue in the drain can be seen visually, the location of the issue can be easily found, and minimum damage is made to the area to make a repair.

This is particularly useful for broken and/or cracked drains as the camera can see the extent of the damage in addition to the exact point of damage.


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