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Maintaining clean drinking water is important in any plumbing system. Backflow is a plumbing problem when there is a reversal of the water’s flow in the plumbing system. Instead of water flowing forwards, pressure changes and other issues can trigger water flows in the opposite direction of where it should be moving. This can lead to contamination of the water supply, leaving it unsafe for domestic and commercial use.

Approved backflow devices may be required to be installed in several commercial applications whereby water contamination from activities conducted on site is possible. Backflow valves may also be required in instances where certain irrigation systems are installed on domestic dwellings.

Registered Backflow Tester

In South Australia Annual Backflow testing is required to be undertaken by a registered backflow prevention tester. A completed backflow report must be issued to the Office of the Technical Regulator who monitors and regulates the installation and testing of these devices.

The test kits used for testing backflow prevention valves are precision instruments and need to be treated with appropriate care. They need to be calibrated and certified every 12 months in compliance with Australian Standard 2845.3.

By using Priority Plumbing for your backflow testing requirements, you can be assured that we conform to the highest of standards to ensure the safety of our clients and maintain the quality of our water system.

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