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If you have a leak and or water damage at your property we can undertake the full investigation, and locate and repair for you.

As we work closely with insurance companies, loss adjusters and remedial builders, we understand the process and requirements of a potential claim. If you have contacted your insurer and they suggest you engage a plumber/leak detection specialist then we can assist through the process.

Alternatively if you’re not sure if you will be making a claim, we can undertake the works and provide a report so that if do you decide to proceed with a claim, you have all the information you require.

What’s the Process?

Leak detection and Location – Using our specialised equipment we will test and locate the leak on your property with minimum fuss in the most non-invasive manner possible.

Report on findings – Following the location of your leak, we can provide a full report on our findings with all recommendations for repair. This can then be provided to your insurer for the claims process.

Repairs – Once the leak has been located you can engage us to provide a quotation for repairs. We can either assist whilst on-site, or re-book and plan the repairs at another convenient time.

Invoicing – We will split and allocate costs of the works undertaken as required by the insurer as so it is clear and concise for your claim. Eg. time for leak detection /investigation works and time/materials for repairs.

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