How does the Hydrogen Tracer Gas system work?

How does the Hydrogen Tracer Gas system work?

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At Priority Plumbing we use Hydrogen Tracer Gas. This is one of the most versatile and cutting edge testing systems in leak detection available today. Hydrogen gas has been used in several industries such as automotive and electronics for its unique tracking properties and it is replacing other less innovative methods, particularly in the construction field.

The actual gas mix is a safe combination of 5% Hydrogen in Nitrogen and is non-flammable, non-toxic and non-corrosive. Hydrogen is the lightest and least hazardous of all gases, it spreads rapidly throughout the test object and seeps quickly through the smallest leak. Background interference is also minimised due to the speed with which hydrogen dissipates.

How does Hydrogen Tracer Gas detect a water leak?
The Hydrogen gas mix is safely released into the pipe where the suspected leak is located. With the smallest and lightest atoms in the atmosphere, Hydrogen escapes through the most minute leak and makes its way to the surface where it is recognised by gas sensitive detection probes. Rising and falling Hydrogen concentrations are measured during testing and are numerically displayed on the electronic unit’s screen. When an increase in gas concentration is detected the acoustic sensors are also triggered. The precision of this instrument allows detection of water leaks where other methods have typically failed.

What are the advantages of using Hydrogen Tracer Gas to detect a water leak?
Hydrogen tracer gas is a very reliable scientific system which offers significant advantages over more traditional and less sophisticated leak detection testing methods.

  • Efficient solution for water leaks of all sizes, including very small leaks in hard to reach places.
  • Great for confined or dark areas with limited access for inspection.
  • High detection rating, avoiding costly guess work.
  • One of the fastest testing systems due to its accelerated dissipating speed which equals less billing hours.
  • It pin-points water leaks reducing the amount of destruction inflicted on property and the associated repair costs.

If you suspect you may have a leak and some water damage is already visible, contact us. We can pin-point the water leak location and are insured and licensed to carry out the necessary repairs to prevent any further damage to your property.