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Our high-quality CCTV units are some of the best available on the market. We use up-to-date technology to ensure that we can deliver the very best imaging in every situation.

Our highly specialised equipment has been designed to fit almost every pipeline, providing our clients with visual evidence of pipeline condition every millimetre of the way. Our camera heads are fitted with transponders that allow accurate measurement and location at all times during the operation.

Video Inspection Services

Our video inspection services can help you determine the internal conditions and structural integrity of pipes and conduits with a diameter of 25mm to 250mm. By using a combination of our CCTV inspection cameras each with a high-definition coloured video camera attached to its head, we are capable of inspecting many types of pipes and conduits as well obtaining useful information.

  • Sewer drains
  • Stormwater drains
  • Sub-slab drains
  • Roof drains
  • Condensate drains
  • Industrial water supply/return lines
  • Empty electrical & telecommunication conduits
  • Empty future-use conduits
  • Analyse pipe integrity: breaks, fractures, holes & leaks
  • Determine the cause of clogs, stoppages & backups
  • Locate the position & depth of pipes & conduits
  • Find inaccessible branch drains, junctions & termination points
  • Verify if existing conditions conform to plumbing code
  • Identify areas of concern or potential problem areas
  • Calculate the pitch of sewer & drain lines

A video inspection survey can be performed of your pipework, and areas of concern can be marked on the ground with coloured paint. A consultation is performed with you or a company representative to discuss the results of our survey. If required, a digital recording of the drain inspection can be supplied to you either via a shared dropbox file or a USB drive supplied on-site.

Once the issue has been located, we can then provide you with the information of the repairs required and/or a quotation to undertake the repairs.

Should the matter be an insurable event or part of an ongoing insurance claim, Priority Plumbing can consolidate, prepare, and supply a comprehensive written report including drain CCTV images, site plan of any noted areas of concern and recommendations for remediation of the affected areas. Our in-house designed Priority Reports Program has been specifically designed to encompass all information required by loss adjusters, insurance companies and engineering assessors.

Our CCTV investigators can eliminate the need for unnecessary exploratory excavation of pipework, prevent future water or structural damage to your home or business, and prevent contamination of soil and groundwater from external sewer leakages.

Contact us to schedule an inspection with one of our highly qualified technicians.

Leak on mains pipework in external wall. Source of leak found using CCTV Inspection

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