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We have undertaken thousands of Leak Detection and Water Damage investigation reports for insurers, remedial builders, loss adjusters and general clients over the years. This has given us the experience and knowledge to understand the key requirements of claims.

Accuracy, efficiency, communication and lead times are a key to each claim and therefore we have developed a custom made report writing system to provide our clients with the best possible service.

This has been developed over many years and is continually evolving in consultation with our clients to ensure we provide the correct and accurate information in a format that is easily interpreted and has all the information required for any claim.

In addition to our custom report writing program, our leak detection specialists have all the required equipment in each vehicle to be able to undertake any specific task required. This extensive investment enables us to complete any leak detection tasks on site, preventing call backs, multiple visits and extended lead times.

Our technicians on the ground complete the investigation including the on-site report. Once the report is complete, our admin team can process and send the same day.

Our Services include:

  • Standard leak detection and water damage investigation for specific areas/room eg Bathroom/Laundry/Kitchen
  • Testing and investigation of Stormwater
  • Testing and investigation of Sewer
  • Full global testing to properties – comprehensive full test of a property including Sewer/Stormwater/Mains Water, and all associated wet areas.

We also have a repair team that undertake all general plumbing tasks including the following:

  • Disconnection/reconnection of fixtures/appliances
  • Full renovation repairs
  • Flood damage repairs
  • Burn out repairs
  • Stolen water service replacements
  • Any general plumbing and gas fitting works
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