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Have you come across a leak you cannot detect?

Thinking about jack-hammering an entire portion of driveway because you suspect the leak is there?

Are you about to knock a hole in a wall because you can hear a leaking pipe?

Have you spent half a day trying to locate a leak, are no closer, but still want to give your customer the outcome they desire?

Could you be making an expensive mistake???

At Priority Plumbing we are here to assist and support the plumbing community, not poach your clients!

At Priority Plumbing we have the knowledge, experience, and specialised equipment to assist you in confirming the issue for your client. We have invested heavily in the equipment necessary to quickly and efficiently pinpoint the issues located on your client’s property, saving them both time and labour costs associated with digging around to find the problem.

We are here to assist you in servicing your customer.

Project Management

From your initial call to our administration team to schedule the works, through to our site assessment, locating and reporting, we can comprehensively manage the works for you. We are happy to provide a simple leak locating service to you – and provide you with advice on the best course to manage and carry out the repairs.

Alternatively – if you need for us to undertake any repairs for you at the time of our attendance, we are more than happy to accommodate this as well – upon consultation with yourself. If you are unable to attend the site with our locating plumber, they will provide you with a call from site advising of the issues located, and follow up with a full, comprehensive report detailing our process and findings. Should the matter be an insurable event, our provided reports are compliant with most insurance assessors and loss adjusters in South Australia.


Priority Plumbing can also provide the following services to other plumbers: