About Us


Priority Plumbing is a proudly South Australian owned and operated family business.

Dirk Lengs commenced Priority Plumbing operations in 1986. He invested heavily in drain clearing and leak detection equipment to service his domestic & commercial clients, the insurance industry and assist the plumbing industry with specialised services.

In 2013, Damien Thomas acquired Priority Plumbing and continued to grow and expand the services offered by the business – including investing heavily into cutting edge technology to service the ever-growing demand for efficient and accurate leak investigation services.

YOU are our Priority

At Priority Plumbing we specialise in non-invasive, non-destructive leak detection using experienced tradespeople and specialised equipment. With these resources we can identify, locate, and repair leaks in all domestic, commercial, and industrial pipework and infrastructure. Priority Plumbing continues to develop leading edge technology to support our services and work practices. We will endeavour to learn from experience and aim to consistently deliver the very best service and solutions to our clients.

At Priority Plumbing we appreciate that our valued clients are the reason we are in business. With this in mind, we drive our operations with a sincere determination to provide professional, efficient, and reliable service end to end. We are confident that our expertise and experience will benefit existing and potential customers. Our success stands squarely on our insistence that we go the extra mile to achieve what our clients expect first time, every time.

We will continue to work with our partners, suppliers, regulators, and competitors to raise the standards of workmanship and service within our industry. We will not compromise on the market-leading quality of our work. Whether it is a standard drain clean or a major structural global home investigation, we ensure that the delivered result meets our high standards.

Our Primary Goal

At Priority Plumbing we understand the delicate balance between cost and production, and the dilemma between production continuity and maintenance.

Our goal is to repair any leaks, clear any blocked drains, and/ or undertake other pipework maintenance on your premises in a quick and efficient manner – reducing the inconvenience, downtime and costs to your business.

We also appreciate the issues you face regarding statutory compliance and are geared to support your endeavour to maximise the efficiency of your business and time – allowing you to concentrate on what you do best without fear of the unexpected.

Environmentally Conscious

The contribution that plumbing already makes to the community through water conservation and environmental sustainability as well as to public health is well recognised. No longer is it simply a matter of installing a new toilet or bath; plumbers are required to have product knowledge and a full understanding of regulations.

Plumbers are increasingly expected to think conceptually about different ways of working to comply with consumer demand and emerging technologies and to meet the challenges of environmental sustainability.

Priority Plumbing are up to date on the latest methods of sustainability and environmental consciousness practices when advising our clients on fixtures and systems to be installed in their properties. We also use and recommend our environmentally conscious HydroJet system to effective clear blocked plumbing systems.

Our Clients

Priority Plumbing has an expansive and diversified clientele base due to the nature of our work, expertise, and comprehensive testing abilities. Our thorough leak investigations, efficient approach and detailed in-house reporting program means that we are the preferred leak investigators for a significant number of insurance providers, loss adjusters and remedial builders in South Australia. We are regularly engaged by industrial, commercial, and manufacturing facilities, recreational facilities, and local and state government departments.

Our comprehensive in house designed reporting program, fastidious attention to detail, comprehensive and pinpoint accurate testing means that we are the preferred investigatory plumber for the State’s leading structural, forensic, and civil engineers.

Most recently Priority Plumbing has become a member of the Civil contractors Federation and take pride in being able to assist civil contractors in locating leaks on newly installed residential subdivisions.

Why Use Priority Plumbing?

We ensure that we are the forefront by providing continuous research along with the latest technologies.

We spend less time and effort reaching the exact point of leak facilitated by our most advanced and highly sensitive detection devices.

With the years of practical experience, we are specialized in finding hidden water leaks before they cause a significant damage, without digging or destruction.

We have on board a well-qualified and professionally trained team of investigation plumbers carefully selected from the best in the business.

We are fully licensed, insured, and registered with the Master Plumbers Association of South Australia.

We pride ourselves on our proven track record of results which speak for themselves, with most of our business reaching us through word of mouth and trade associate referrals.

keen to join our team?

Our team is constantly looking to expand to meet the never-ending demand of our specialist services. We are a service focused, value driven team who prides ourselves on our honesty and integrity. We recognize the importance of quality, passionate employees as one of the key aspects to our continued growth and success.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the leak investigation field, we would love to hear from you. Please submit a registration of interest directly to our Management Team via the Contact Us Link.