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At Priority Plumbing we have years of experience successfully locating challenging leaks on large infrastructure. We have all the industry leading equipment and technology, however it is our knowledge and methods developed over the years that enables us to understand the nature of the leak, methods that will be successful to locate the leak and how to execute the location of the leak with the correct equipment.

Fire Leak Detection

We service and assist many contractors to locate difficult-to-find leaks following scheduled testing of fire systems on all types of facilities. Due to there being zero-tolerance on pressure loss with fire services, this can cause significant compliance issues for property owners.

At Priority Plumbing we have been locating and repairing these leaks for years and have developed a number of successful methods where we can locate a leak on all large fire services, some as small as a minor drip.

We have a process for testing and investigating fire services as there can be many elements that cause a failure. When undertaking the detection works we are taking into account many common site issues such as:

  • Passing sluice valves – we test and survey
  • Passing check valves – we test and survey
  • Interconnected systems
  • Incorrect block plans – we can locate pipework as required to enable accurate detection works

Following the required testing and confirmation, the method of leak detection works are undertaken based on site conditions, pipe type, depth, substrate, site noise etc.

Once we have worked through the location process, either you can undertake the repairs, or we can undertake the repairs for you.

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Commercial & Industrial Leak Detection

We have assisted many contractors over the years and located leaks on sites such as the following

  • Large commercial facilities
  • Mine sites
  • Factory/Warehouses
  • Government infrastructure
  • Defence infrastructure – ASC
  • SA Water mains – subcontractor installations
  • Housing sub-divisions
  • Nursing homes
  • Local council infrastructure
  • Large rural and farming properties
  • Fire mains

Over the years we have found there to be many challenging conditions requiring locations of difficult leaks, these have been as follows:

  • Leaks under concrete forecourts
  • Small leaks at high pressure over long distances
  • Leaks in sandy and permeable soils
  • Under heavy bitumen roadway
  • In open grassed fields
  • Where pipework is installed in free running sand
  • High water table – mains laid in ballast rock and inundated with ground water
  • Poor weather conditions where subsoil is saturated
  • High noise conditions
  • Pipework covered and or encased in geotextile etc
  • Challenging site conditions

We have located leaks in all these scenarios and each of these requires a different method of detection for successful location.

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