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Do you have water damaged areas around your home or property? Do you have moisture or salt damp rising around the footings of your house? Can you see paint bubbling on walls or gyprock starting to bow or feel soft? Is the carpet damp in an area of your home adjacent to a bathroom or laundry?

These could possibly be signs of an escape of liquid from sewer, stormwater, or mains water lines to your home. You could have a broken shower breaching piece in the bathroom or a ruptured water pipe inside the wall. Did you know that most home and business insurance policies cover some if not all the investigation costs to locate and expose the cause of your water leak?

We can help find your leak

The source of water damage is often difficult to detect, however Priority Plumbing has the experience and knowledge to assist you in undertaking a non-invasive investigation of all your pipework. This can include static testing, pressure testing and moisture readings around the affected areas of your property.

At Priority Plumbing we have all the specialised equipment necessary to detect, record and locate any issue with your plumbing pipework. From this we can then provide a detailed and photographic leak investigation report created from our own in house designed reporting program. The results and repair options are then discussed in detail and, if required, we can undertake any repairs.

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